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What is quiet book?

Quiet book is an activity book for kids that encourages their cognitive, intellectual and fine motor skills.

Fun, educational and  interactive. Light  and pleasant to the touch. Colors wake a child’s creativity and inspire imagination.

Experience has shown that children with autism playing with quiet books are making progress …

Quiet books are an ideal gift for kids, but also aid for parents, because they direct children to educational games in the best and easiest way.

Our unique, handmade (homemade), tactile toys, quiet books, also called silent books, busy books, felt books, activity books, cloth books, soft books, will keep children busy for hours enjoying while skill practicing and learning.

Recommended by a psychologists, pedagogues, defectologists, speech therapists…

How was our first quiet book made?

As a little girl, in the 80s of the last century, I played with paper dolls that I cut out from the magazines  or drew myself. I made their clothes, rooms, arranging socializing … I transferred that love to my daughter, who suggested that we make puppets and their houses of felt, and so our quiet books were created.

Later, we made finger puppets (which her friends adore – they carry them to school, where they all play together).

We also make various decorations for the house (picture frames, pendants, dream catchers …), educational aids (gloves for learning foreign languages), books of fairy tales, interactive cubes with many details and fun games for little ones…

Benefits of Using Quiet books and Puppets
Quiet books and puppets are a great way to engage the attention and imagination of children of all ages. Using them is an enjoyable way to promote children’s learning of new skills and concepts. Benefits of using quiet books and puppets include:
• Increasing social skills
• Support emotional development
• Confidence in reading and speaking
• Music appreciation
• Practice of motor skills
• Guidance (learning behaviors)
• Encouraging creativity
• Capturing attention
• Promoting dramatic play
Ways to Use our Quiet Books and Puppets
Quiet books (silent, busy, activity tactile books) and Puppets can be used across many different parts of the early childhood life:
• Inside; Outside; In the church; With company; Alone; In waiting rooms; On travels; In dramatic plays;  Transitions; Games; Reading; Creative art; Puppet shows; Music time; Family time…

Encourage your children to be as creative as possible!

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